Attention First Time Home Buyers in the Edmond/OKC Metro!

It's a tremendous undertaking to buy your first home. Of course, with the excitement there may be some fear, especially leading up to the transaction. If you're like most people, we assume you'll likely want some consultation along the way -- and you'll definitely need an experienced agent looking out for your greatest interests. We are absolutely trained and qualified with over 30 years experience with Edmond/OKC Metro real estate. Consider letting us set you up on an Automatic home search through the MLS System. 

Not all REALTORS® are equally able to help YOU find your first home.  Our dedication to our clients is what makes the difference. When you hire us to help with your first home purchase, here's what you can expect:

Let Church Hill Brown help you with your first home purchase in Edmond
  • From finding the best house among all the properties in the Edmond/OKC Metro area, to providing expert guidance on closing costs, we will lead you through every stage of the home buying process.
  •  Do you need assistance with nailing down a want list of amenities that you want in your house, your neighborhood, and your school district? We can certainly help you with that!
  • We'll walk you through the overwhelming financial components of buying a house, including the diverse mortgages and home buying methods accessible.
  • We will make sure you see all the properties that match what you're looking for, and keep close track of all new listings.
  • We are ready to help you find the right home in the Edmond/OKC Metro area!
Call me at 405-818-3808 if you can't find the right home for you here using this search. Let us set you up on an Automatic search using the MLS System! It is updated every day with new listings! 

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